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Cacao Ceremony - Divine Healing & Self Connection, avec Yoko Lovendach, le 30 janvier, 11h-15h

Dernière mise à jour : 25 janv. 2022

Une immense joie d'accueillir Yoko Lovendach pour une cérémonie du Cacao le dimanche 30 janvier à 11h

@Amour Maison de soin


Évènement de Yoko Lovendach

Amour maison de soin

5 Cité de la Roquette, 75011 Paris, France

Durée : 2 h

PLEASE SCROLL AND READ HOW TO CLAIM YOUR SPOT Dearest sisters + brothers Welcome to Sacred Cacao Ceremony - Divine Healing & Self Connection. Having our journeys in the uncertain time now, it is time to reach our own POWER within to guide our souls instead of leaning on other forces. We live in the modern time filled with information, but what are we searching outside of the world ? Take a moment and breathe, answers are coming from our inner selves. I welcome you the ceremony and fid your own POWER to heal yourself, remember who we are without labels. On the peaceful sunday afternoon, we create a circle and remember our inner power at a safe place. Let us hold a soulful and sacred moments to enhance our energy altogether —————————— CEREMONY —————————— TIME + SPACE 13:00 The door opens 13:15 Starting Cacao Ceremony 15:00 The portal closes Bring your own water bottle, blanket and cushion if needed. You are going to try teas, they contain powerful nutritions, and of course - caffeine, therefore it is important to get hydrated and follow how your body calls upon you Come and bring your soul, this place is safe and sacred, all souls are allowed to share their voice if the time and space match energetically. Therefore, everything shared at the ceremony are confidential once you are out of the circle for the sake of sacredness and closure of the portal of energy no longer serving our new presence This space is organised by souls co-creation, each of us are HERE, BE AT THE PRESENT, and HOLDING ONTO OUR OWN HEARTS ————————CLAIMING YOUR SPOT———————— PLEASE CLICK 'GOING', SEND AN EMAIL TO ONLY 'GOING' IS NOT FINAL CONFIRMATION You send a message to Yoko (you find the contact below). You are very welcome to come with your friends and your caring people, please tell the number of people to attend at latest : Friday on the 29th at noon (French time ) Your friends and family are very welcome (not a kids friendly event), please kindly tell the number of souls, it is helpful for preparation to make sacred cacao This is a donation based event co-created by souls resonating with its purpose. Your support is profoundly appreciated in order to maintain magics for the future. Please prepare the exact amount of cash you resonate with (approx. suggestion : adults 35€ / students + job seekers : 20€ / under 18 : 15€) There is a option to save money : if you participate preparation and / or closing the event, it is counted as your divine labour and you get great discount. There are limited spots, so contact Yoko directly. This event is conducted in English mainly with assist of Japanese as souls needed. Any questions and future appointments are contacted to : Yoko Løvendach : +4560563545

Very much looking forward to seeing you From my love to you Yoko

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